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RotterDame design
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RotterDame Design - Barbara Fumarola

What is “RotterDame Design”?

So, let me introduce it to you: it’s me, Barbara!

I’m a woman who loves life and beauty. I consider myself solid but risk lover. In my personal backpack sincere smiles, dawns and long bike rides.

I’m an italian Architect with an inner passion for interior design and visualization programs.

What' about them? Basically those programs that allow me to photograph spaces and contexts existing just in your imagination!

Yes, you got that right!

Sometimes it is hard to make understand how, and why, there are so many passions sailing together at the same time, but what can I do, that’s me.

Some years ago my dream was to live in the Netherlands and live by my passion. Hard but not impossible, so in 2018 my adventure finally started and I turned my dream into reality, after more than 10 years of experience in architectural offices in Rome.

Constantly searching for new ideas, techniques, materials and design elements, my aim is to make every single space unique and special, never stopping to know as better as I can what today can be considered the imminent future: virtual reality.

Who is “RotterDame Design”, in the end?

A dreamer with her feet firmly anchored to reality, but with an open head flying by imagination. And you surely know there’s no boundaries for that!

Welcome, everyone!

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