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"SPIDERS ATTACK" Lego creation building process

Mecabricks - 3ds max - Vray

LEGO challenge

The artwork is created by Barbara Fumarola - RotterDame Design for the 11th render competition by Fabio Palvelli, the LEGO challenge.

3th place

"Which is your nightmare?My finding myself alone in a dead-end room overrun by spiders... just like this mad scientist in a lab full of surprises! When spiders decide to attack you, you have no way out. The surveillance systems are now in their possession and you just have to defend yourself with the weapons you keep safe for moments like these. This is how even the most welcoming and happy laboratory turns into a nightmare! They are you looking to you!👀"

Modeling: Mecabricks

Set up/ rendering: 3ds max and Vray.

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